Working together. Learn how we help empower patients, families, and healthcare providers making end of life decisions.
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Let’s talk. How do you discuss end of life goals with your loved ones? Find out how our experts can help you start the conversation.
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Diagnosis is just the beginning. Access valuable tools to lead the discussion about a patient’s goals and treatment preferences for end of life care.
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Do they know what you want? It’s important to make sure your healthcare providers know the type of treatment you’d like to receive.
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Goals of Care Coalition of NJ

Working together to focus on the patient’s goals.
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Patients & Family

Free videos to empower patients and families.
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Centers of Excellence

We provide training programs to skilled nursing facilities to facilitate high-quality communication with patients on advance care planning.
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4Step iCare Plan

An Individualized End of Life Care Plan

Our 4Step iCare Plan is a personalized, simple, 4-step approach that helps you navigate through challenging medical decisions. It requires participation from patients and families as well as the healthcare provider (HCP).
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Make your wishes known. A NJ POLST form will inform your healthcare providers about what treatment you do and do not want.
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