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By joining together we can shift the focus on end of life care to one that genuinely respects the wishes of patients and their loved ones. Requirements for membership are simple: support the Coalition’s mission and goals and commit to working towards achieving them.

As a member of the Coalition, you’ll have access to useful information, resources, training, and tools for advance care planning. Together we can encourage the discussions between healthcare providers, patients, and families about end of life care in a culturally sensitive and health literate manner.

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With a shared commitment to improving end of life care, you’ll join other thought leaders, experts, advocates, and leading organizations as we educate and empower patients, families, and healthcare providers making end of life decisions. See our current Goals of Care Coalition of NJ members.

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Together we’ll ensure that end of life care for everyone in NJ is in accordance with their goals, values and preferences.

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4Step iCare Plan

An Individualized End of Life Care Plan

Our 4Step iCare Plan is a personalized, simple, 4-step approach that helps you navigate through challenging medical decisions. It requires participation from patients and families as well as the healthcare provider (HCP).
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Make your wishes known. A NJ POLST form will inform your healthcare providers about what treatment you do and do not want.
Watch our video series about how to fill a NJ POLST
Learn more about and download a NJ POLST form

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 As an agent of change. Join the Goals of Care Coalition of New Jersey to help improve end of life care for patients and families.
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