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Are you prepared if you or your loved ones get seriously ill with COVID-19? Have you documented your wishes in an advance care plan so those taking care of you know your wishes if you become too sick to speak for yourself? If you’re the medical decision-maker for a loved one, do they have a POLST form and is it up to date? Now is the time to talk with your loved ones about who is designated as your healthcare proxy and what matters most to you if you should become very sick. POLST is designed for seriously ill or frail people who are at high-risk of a life-threatening medical event. Those in hospice, nursing homes, and skilled nursing facilities are most likely to be appropriate for POLST. For others, an advance directive like the Five Wishes may be appropriate. On this page you will find information on POLST, Five Wishes, and various COVID-19 resources.

Discuss, Decide, and Document!

New Jersey POLST Forms (PDF):

Video Series:

An Introduction to the New Jersey POLST Form

2:50 min.
The Practitioners Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment or POLST form is written by a doctor or nurse and tells the medical team what to do for a patient who is seriously ill or approaching the end of life.

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Completing the New Jersey POLST Form

6:20 min.
This video will help you prepare to complete a NJ POLST form with a health care provider. If you’re completing the NJ POLST form for someone else, check if there’s a living will or advance directive to guide decision making.

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From Goals of Care Coalition:

Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Decision Making

“Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Decision Making: POLST & Other Important Considerations for High-Risk People” was a free webinar presented by Dr. David Barile.

From Aging with Dignity:

Five Wishes

Because of the national emergency before us, Aging with Dignity has decided to take the unprecedented step of making the Five Wishes document available online to individuals at no cost.  Use it for yourself.  Use it for your parents, spouse, siblings, adult children, extended family, and friends.  Just use it!


Quality Institute Guide to Telehealth in New Jersey

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, telehealth is quickly becoming the most widely used option for patients across the state to receive care. In fact, many health care providers who previously did not perform telehealth visits with their patients are now swiftly adopting virtual visit options, in order to safely see as many people as possible during the pandemic.

From My Life My Choices:

COVID-19 Coronavirus Resource Response Toolkit

To help do our part, My Life My Choice is working to help you address COVID-19 issues by collecting best practices and tools demonstrating how health care professionals are responding to the crisis.


COVID-19 Shared Decision Making Tool


From Respecting Choices:

Tools and resources to support specific treatment decisions for high risk individuals and their agents/loved ones: The importance of knowing treatment preferences before a medical crisis.

Decision Aid: CPR

Decision Aid: Help with Breathing

Proactive Care Planning for COVID-19. A Guide for High Risk Adults

Proactive Care Planning for COVID-19. A Guide for Healthcare Agents


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4Step iCare Plan

An Individualized End of Life Care Plan

Our 4Step iCare Plan is a simple, 4-step approach that helps patients, families, and healthcare providers navigate through challenging medical decisions.
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GOCC Resources:

NJ POLST Form Videos and Documents
NJ POLST Form Videos and Documents




GOCC Resources:

NJ POLST Form Videos and Documents
NJ POLST Form Videos and Documents